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Take control with LESER's range of web-services, visit -

Access all of the information you need with LESER Support & Tools

LESER spare parts provide the guarantee that your safety valves will continue to function properly, even after maintenance.

Understanding your set-pressure and how to prepare for any changes.

Access certificatation relating to any safety valve you've purchased from LESER.  Simply visit enter the details to quickly identify the valve and download your certificates.

LESER Support and Tools. web services

LESER provides a path to full tractability.  Quickly and easily track the progress of any order -  visit

The LESER-developed program for sizing safety valves.

LESER offer an extensive range of training courses and seminars.  Become a safety valve expert today!

'Engineering' is the complete technical manual for LESER safety valves.  This downloadable PDF is a comprehensive tool which has been designed for users at every knowledge level. 

The maintenance manual from LESER.  This manual offers users an extensive range of documents for the maintenance and repair of the LESER product groups. 

Adapt your LESER safety valves for specific requirements.  Discover the vast amount of configuration options available.

Supplementary loading systems must be serviced once a year in accordance with the approval.  Book maintenance directly from the manufacturer now, LESER service technicians are available worldwide. 

LESER worldwide contacts. find your nearest contact for LESER safety valves


Find your nearest contact for LESER Safety Valves

For LESER contacts worldwide, Please Visit - 

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