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LESER Safety Valve
LESER safety valve
LESER safety valve
Seetru safety relief valve
Seetru safety relief valve
Seetru safety relief valve
Seetru safety relief valve
Before and after refurbishment of a LESER safety valve

LESER UK, Seetru and SES are part of the same organisation.  We offer a huge range of safety and relief valves for almost every industrial application.  We also offer expert valve care for the life-cycle management of your valve and plant equipment.

What do we offer?

  • An extensive range of Safety and Relief Valves.

  • Supporting almost every possible Industry or application area.

  • Full technical and maintenance support.

  • Sales teams for Seetru and LESER UK work in close daily communication under ‘one roof’.

  • Highly competitive lead-times across the entire range, quick delivery options available for certain models of stock valves.

  • Full testing and maintenance support delivered nation-wide by our ASME approved valve technicians;  both through our state of the art workshops (LESER authorised repair centers), and our highly responsive on-site services teams.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Benefit from the stability of working with one single supplier.

  • Increased efficiency with your own planning and scheduling.

  • Reduce your purchasing costs. 

  • Lowering your operation costs through focused and streamlined supply activities.

  • Great customer care, fast lead-times, quick response times, great communication & support, easy access to documentation, product tractability and more.

  • Increase the productivity of your operations by optimizing service Intervals and reducing maintenance down-time.

  • Work with the UK's best valve life-cycle management team.

A typical plant will use many types and sizes of safety valve

Seetru’s range of safety valves are compact, offering reliable and repeatable protection with a small footprint

Many of the safety valves in the LESER range have larger outlets, enabling much larger flow

SES are your maintenance experts; extending plant up-time and improving safety by managing the life-cycle of your safety valves

Discover more about Seetru and Seetru Engineering Services

About Seetru


Quality, Innovation & Service

Seetru Limited

Seetru are manufacturers of safety relief and other special purpose ancillary valves for a wide range of compressed air, industrial gas, refrigerants, powder, steam, liquid and liquefied gas applications. We also manufacture liquid level gauges, primarily of two types; sight gauges and magnetic float by-pass gauges.

Seetru is a UK based manufacturing company with strong domestic and international sales, both direct to the customer and through our extensive distributor network

Seetru Company Logo

website:   |   email:   |   tel: +44 (0) 117 930 6100 


Arial view of Bristol, UK. Circa 1950
Manufacturing, Engineering, Production at Seetru. Circa 1949
Early designs of the Seetru gauge. Circa 1950
Early Seetru safety relief valve designs. Circa 1950
A photo of Seetru Engineering Services visiting a power plant. Circa 1990


Seetru Limited was founded in 1949 with the aim of producing the finest liquid level gauges so customers could see the true level even under the most severe conditions.


This philosophy of making the finest through innovation continued with the introduction of the Seetru range of pressure relief devices, circa 1950 the Seetru Tutchtite sealing system revolutionized the safety valve market with valves that do not leak even after repeated popping even at high pressures.



During the 1990's Seetru applied all their knowledge and expertise to bear on the maintenaince and testing of Safety and Relief valves for external customers, resulting in the official formation of Seetru Engineering Services in November of 1998 with the very first SES test certificate for ICI simply numbered "R1" produced on 25/11/1998.


Compact valves, delivering repeatable bubble-tight sealing performance

Seetru Safety Relief Valves

The Seetru range of safety valves is compact, highly efficient and incorporate the exclusive seal technology for repeatable bubble-tight sealing performance. These safety relief valves are designed for applications including air/gas compressors, specialist gas plants, chemical equipment

and piping, pressure vessels, thermal relief, medical gases, and more!

Flanged Seetru Safety Relief Valves
Seetru safety relief valves
Seetru Inline safety relief valve
Seetru safety relief valve

Our safety relief valves are manufactured in bronze, brass or stainless steel and offer a wide range of connections, for applications up to 250°C.


These valves are manufactured in accordance with a wide range of international standards and approvals such as TÜV (Germany) to AD Merkblatt A2, National Board UV Stamp to ASME Section VIII Division 1, EAC customs union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan), the Canadian CRN and compliant with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive, PED (CE marked), UK PE(S)R (UKCA marked)

Quality and Reliability Guaranteed 

Approved for use worldwide  ✅

UKCA approved and marked  

Compact Valves up to DN65 

Pressures up to 1100 bar  ✅

Temperatures from -196°C to + 250°C 

Manufactured in Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel  ✅

A wide range of Sealing Technologies  ✅

Fast Lead-Times across the entire range ✅

An extensive Global Distributor Network ✅

safety valve approval logos
Seetru Logo.  That's Safety


Industries & Applications

Safety Relief Valves for almost every Industrial Application

compressor.  industry image for compressed air and gasses.  safety relief valve
industry image.   hydrogen industry.  safety relief valves for hydrogen applications
Industry image, refrigeration industry. safety relief valves
cryogenic industry , liquefied gas industry,  safety relief valves
industry image. water industry. water applications for safety relief valves

Select Your Industry or Application Area

Search for Seetru safety relief valves based on the most common industries that we supply to.  

Can't find the industry or application you're looking for?  

Seetru manufacture safety and relief valves for other applications, and also work with clients to develop bespoke solutions.  Seetru is a vertically integrated company which allows us to streamline operations and have control over every stage of our production process.  Our extensive specialist testing facility enables us to develop innovative product solutions for a wide range of applications.

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Looking for Valve Testing, Refurbishment or Life-Cycle Management?

before and after refurbishment of a control valve.  valve overhaul example.
Before and after refurbishment of a LESER safety valve
About SES

Seetru Engineering Services

The service arm of Seetru draws on the organisation's experience and expertise as a safety valve manufacturer to provide the management and maintenance of customers' inventories of safety valves irrespective of safety valve type, size or make.  

SES logo. Seetru engineering services

Delivering Total Engineering Solutions

  • Testing & Certification

  • Refurbishment & Overhaul

  • Inventory & Life-Cycle Management

  • ASME Trained Valve Technicians

  • Full UK Coverage

  • National Workshops

  • Mobile Workshops which go to customer site

  • On-Site Services 

email:     |     tel: +44 (0) 117 930 6148 (South)     |     tel: +44 (0) 1642 625 900 (North)

Workshop Services

 A wide range of workshop services to keep your valves operating effectively and efficiently

Seetru Engineering Services' Bristol & Stockton-on-Tees facilities deliver tangible benefits by increasing available plant up-time, improving safety, inventory life span and maximising the performance of your processes and plant equipment.

Before and after refurbishment of a LESER safety valve


Workshop testing of a safety valve. safety valve mounted to a test bench.  safety valve technician. seetru engineering services
refurbishment, overhaul of control valves. seetru engineering services
safety valve being spray painted, refurbishment, seetru engineering services

We have the ability to offer valve maintenance services tailored to suit your requirements. Continual improvement of quality, cost and service drives Seetru to present clear competitive advantages. We focus by positively moving your maintenance strategy forward by offering best engineering practice.

Seetru Engineering Services have dedicated national workshops as well as our fleet of mobile workshops tailored to valve refurbishment that can offer a range of services to keep your valves operating effectively and efficiently.


Our highly skilled team of technicians have experience working with a huge variety of valves and gauges from all manufacturers and all models, they have access to bespoke tools and equipment to aide them in refurbishing and testing your valves.

ALL Types, Makes and Models of Safety Valve ✅

Patented, unique and exceptional solutions  ✅

High Accuracy Valve Testing  ✅

Safety Valve Life-cycle Management  ✅

Control & Isolation Valve Services ✅

Pressure Reducing Valve Services ✅

Steam Trap Services ✅

Gauge Calibration ✅

Surface Preparation and Re-Finishing ✅

The only LESER Authorised Repair Centers (LARC) in the United Kingdom


Site Services

In-Situ Valve Testing & Overhaul  |  Mobile Workshops

Seetru Engineering Services provide various on-site services. We have specialist ASME approved valve technicians who can be quickly mobilised to perform a range of engineering services. Whether it be on-site valve refurbishment or in-situ testing, we ensure that your plant’s safety devices are ‘Fit For Purpose’ by being set correctly and that they will perform in an emergency as required and as the manufacturer intended.

mobile workshop service van.  designed to test and refurbish safety valves at customer sites. in situ valve testing. in situ valve overhaul
in situ safety valve testing, onsite testing of LESER safety valves. SES
Inside a SES mobile service van.  testing of a safety valve onsite.
In situ overhaul of safety valves.   onsite refurbishment. seetru engineering services

No need to send your valves off-site!

Sending your valves off-site can be a stressful time for site engineers - adding time and uncertainty to the refurbishment process. Seetru can be bring the facilities to you in the form of our fully equipped Mobile Workshops. In addition, during busy times (e.g.shutdowns) we do not require any of your workshop space. Seetru can refurbish, test and certify your valves directly on the same day you remove them from service and present them back fully certified for return to service within a very short time frame.  We also offer complete solutions whereby we remove and reinstall your valve.

In-Situ Safety Valve Testing ✅

In-Situ Safety Valve Refurbishment / Overhaul  ✅

Mobile Workshops / On-Site Service Vans ✅

Control & Isolation Valve Services ✅

Services for Other Types of Plant Equipment ✅

Safety Valve Inventory Management ✅

Site Surveying / Plant Safety Assessment ✅

Safe Contractor Accredited ✅

Any Valve, Any Size, Anywhere!

The Seetru Tru-Test® System

Dismounting safety valves from their operational location can be time-consuming and expensive. The Seetru Tru-test® provides the capability to test safety and relief valves in-situ, eliminating the need to remove the valve from the system or shut the system down. In-situ testing of this form is part of a carefully planned and monitored test and maintenance regime, which also includes periodic strip down, inspection & overhaul, and is a highly cost effective means of managing safety valve and relief valve inventories.

The Seetru Tru-test® system offers the capacity to test in real operating conditions. This provides added confidence in the protection afforded by the safety valve. It also supports the optimisation / minimisation of maintenance downtime through Seetru operated condition monitoring of safety valves in service - a true Risk Based Inspection maintenance regime. 

In-situ Valve Refurbishment

Do you have welded-in valves? very large valves? or perhaps valves which may take a lot of time, effort and cost to remove? - Simply leave them in-situ and let our ASME certified technicians pre-test, dismantle, inspect, refurbish, rebuild, set, test an certify your valves - all while they remain in position on your system. Set pressures will be certified using our in-situ Tru-Test®, thus providing certified proof of correct setting.

24/7 Emergency Call Out
Our engineers can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Discover more about SES Services

Don't Forget!

LESER UK, Seetru and SES are part of the same organisation.

Your comprehensive solution for the safety valves 

LESER Safety Valve
LESER safety valve
LESER safety valve
Seetru safety relief valve
Seetru safety relief valve
Seetru safety relief valve
Seetru safety relief valve
Before and after refurbishment of a LESER safety valve
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