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LESER UK Product Page for Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves


Solutions for high plant efficiency

LESER Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves for High Efficiency

Pilot operated pressure relief valves

  • Highest blow-off capacity of all series

  • Tightness right up to set pressure

  • Operating pressures up to 96% of the set pressure

  • Back pressures up to 70% of the set pressure

  • Backflow preventer integrated as a standard component 

  • Integrated Piping prevents damage and freezing

Supplementary Loading System

Equipment that enables the following pressure relief valve characteristics:

  • Tightness right up to set pressure

  • Operating pressures up to 97% of the set pressure 

  • Low loss of medium due to short opening times

  • Function test and valve adjustment possible during operation

  • Suitable for all media temperature



LESER High Efficiency pressure relief valves are designed, marked, produced and approved according to the requirements of the following regulations:

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Valve Types

Type 811 >
Pilot operated / Pop Action

DN 25 - DN 200 (1" - 8")

Type 821 >
Pilot operated / Modulate Action

DN 25 - DN 200 (1" - 8")

Type 702, 712, 714, 731 >
Supplementary Loading System (additional option for safety valves)



Access all the necessary documents and detailed information for pressure relief valves in our download area

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Technical Data for Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves

Nominal Diameter at Inlet

DN 25 - DN 200 | 1" - 8"

Actual Orifice Diameter d₀

11 mm - 180 mm | 0.433 in - 7.087 in

Actual Orifice Area A₀

95 mm² - 25,446.9 mm² | 0.147 in² - 39.443 in²


2.5 bar - 426 bar | 36 psig - 6170 psig

Temperature (in accordance with DIN EN)

-48 °C to 200 °C | -54.4°F to 392°F

Body Material

1.0619, 1.4408 | SA 352 LCB, SA 216 WCB, SA 351 CF8M

Valve Connection

Flange in accordance with ASME B 16.5 or DIN EN 1092

Load Type

Medium controlled

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