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product page - LESER pressure relief valves for the energy industry


The reliability of your Industrial processes

LESER Pressure Relief Valves for the Energy Industry

Energy is at the centre of all industrial processes, therefore a stable energy supply is essential.

Energy production is undergoing a significant change across the world. Renewable energies and decentralised energy systems complement conventional power plants and form a complex energy mix.


To ensure your systems are operating highly efficiently, it helps to have suppliers who are familiar with your technical requirements in detail, and can offer the best solutions for your needs. LESER is your partner for these complex requirements, for example any pressures up to 300 bar, and back pressures of 70% of the set pressure in solar thermal power plants.

LESER High Performance pressure relief valves. safety  valve

Pressure relief valves for all industrial applications

LESER_Change-over valve

Additional products for higher plant availability

LESER compact performance pressure relief valve. safety valve

Pressure relief valves according to API 526 with standardized capacities and dimensions

LESER Pilot operated safety valve. pressure relief valve

Solutions for high plant efficiency


Improve the operating characteristics of your safety valve

The Advantage of LESER Presssure Relief Valves

LESER UK can assist you with early technical consultation for your pressure relief valves regardless of the type of power plant, be it modern combined cycle power plants, solar thermal or biomass power plants.
The High Performance product group provides the basis for LESER's steam and power plant range. This product group is characterised by high capacities in comparison to the nominal size, an opening within 5% of the set pressure, and sizes up to DN 400.

For drum and superheater applications where the permissible operating pressure must be fully utilized, pressure peaks must be compensated for, or the productivity of existing systems must be enhanced, the standard solution is the Type 700 supplementary loading system.
To increase the availability of your power plants, LESER Change-over Valves Type 320 and 330 are fitting additions, especially of base load or backup systems.



In our comprehensive download area you will find all necessary documents and detailed information on safety valves you need.

LESER application areas. download information about safety valve industries
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